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kat von d black magic lip and liner setKat Von D Black Magick Lip & Line Duo

New – This set is perfect if you want to just try out Kat’s most popular makeup products. This set includes one Tattoo Liner in the popular color Trooper which is a satin black and one Studded Kiss Lipstick in the color Magick which is a dusty pink.  They are a smaller version of the full side products and fit quite nicely inside your purse!


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Kat Von D Formula X Studded X Lip and Nail Polish Duo
Kat Von D Formula X Studded X Lip and Nail Polish Duo


Kat Von D Formula X Studded X Lip and Nail Polish Duo

New –  Just in time for the Holiday’s. This sweet lip and nail polish set is so Goth! It is in the shade Slayer and it looks amazing on! The lip color formula is high pigment, and wears extra long. The nail color is also long wear and is extra shiny.

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Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette
Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette – Get It Here!

The Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eye shadow Palette

New for 2015! It’s a beautiful array of bright, bold  eye shadow colors for a cool holiday look and also features some everyday neutral colors as well. Use this palette to create your own fun holiday looks!

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Five Fearless Years Limited Edition Tattoo Liner

The Kat Von D tattoo liner you have always loved has a new look in this limited-edition liner. It features a beautiful new design with black stars like the star tattoos on Kat’s upper eye area and a metal case that is really cool looking. This limited-edition tattoo eye liner celebrates five fearless years that Kat Von D Makeup has been available to her adoring makeup fans!

Another bonus to this limited-edition tattoo liner is that for every sale, $1 will be donated to the California Wildlife Center!

This liner is waterproof and will stay put for 24 hours! And of course it has the awesome precision tip so that you can create the perfect “Kat Eye”.







kat von d ink liner trio
Kat Von D Ink Liner Trio Set – Get It Here!

A beautiful new look for your eyes. You can define your eyes with these liquid liners and create new layered eyeliner looks!

The applicator is so easy to use and makes the perfect line. The formula is waterproof and it will not fade and lasts all day long. You can apply in the morning and never have to re-apply. Try these amazing liners. They are available for a limited time so grab your set now!

Update: This set is no longer available at Sephora but you can get it at Amazon.





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Create The Cat Eye Liner Look With Kat Von D

kat von d eye shadow and eyeliner lookKat Von D Cat Eye Liner Tutorial

You can follow along with Kat Von D to get the cat eye liner look like Kat has with this cat eye liner tutorial. For the first part of this tutorial you will need to have the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner.

Now once you have the liner you will need to follow these three simple steps.

1. Follow your bottom lid line in the direction it is going naturally and then from the point where it ends start your line by sweeping it up and then that will give you a guide to build on.

2. Start your second part of the line from about where your pupil is on the lid and expand it out to your first line you made.

3. Fill in your lines and make them thicker if you want. Keep checking to make sure they are even on both eyes and you have your cat eye!

Here is a video of Kat Von D showing you how to do it!


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Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette In Saint

Kat Von D True Romance eyeshadow palette
Kat Von D True Romance Eye Shadow Palette – Saint Click Here To Get It at Amazon!


Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – Saint
This is a palette that has eight eye shadows and comes with an eyeliner pencil that is waterproof. You can create the mysterious smoky eye when you use the True Romance Eyeshadow Palette.

This particular palette was made especially for Sephora by Kat Von D, this artistic palette has a variety of shades that are glamorous but very edgy and will add a look of mystery to your makeup. The palette’s cool stenciled compact has inspiration from a romantic place that is old world and is also a tattoo-inspired work of art.

This palette has been discontinued and has been replaced with the Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette. The monarch palette is very similar and has more colors to choose from.  It has 12 fabulous shades!

Check out the Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette Here!

You might also want to try ebay. I found this one for $49 on an ebay auction. I can’t guarantee it is original but it’s worth a try. It is very hard to find and I have only found a few on Amazon but the price is a little high.  Kat Von D True Romance Saint Eyeshadow Palette

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Kat Von D Makeup Collection

Kat Von D Makeup

Kat Von D tattoo artist, from the show L.A. Ink, has released a collection of cosmetics and it is super popular! Kat Von D Makeup collection includes eye shadow palettes (one named after her hairless cat!),  tattoo concealer (that really does cover tattoos), eyeliners, an eye brush set, really cool palettes and 3 beautiful rich red shades of lipstick and one pink. , lip gloss, fragrance, and more.

The colors are so rich and ,spread on well and blend so nicely. There are plenty of rich colors to choose from, and you don’t have to be a bad girl to wear Kat Von D’s Makeup Collection. Kat made the packaging herself .

Kat Von D’s distinct style and flawlessly beautiful face shows that she is a professional with a makeup brush just like she is with a tattoo machine. Her passion for makeup and self-expression is obvious with every product she creates. Kat has designed a makeup line that has rich high pigmented colors and have a romantic soulful look.

Update! Kat has added lots of new items and colors to her insanely popular makeup line. She has added new eyeshadow palettes, lipstick colors, liners and even has video tutorials you can follow with Kat herself!

Click here to check out the newest items in the store.

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