Oh the colors in this line of Kat’s new studded kiss lipstick’s. Where do I begin to tell you how much I love them?

Let me start with the awesome design of the case and the fact that these Kat Von D studded kiss lipsticks have vitamins A, C, and E, in the lipstick which makes your lips super soft.

Get Your Favorite Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Shade Here!


This one is Hellbent – Buy It Here For $21 at Sephora!


These lipsticks last for 10 hours and are unmistakeably feminine. They are so concentrated with color that all you need to do is swipe it on your lips once. You don’t need to go over and over your lips for true color.

Application is very smooth, even and beautiful. When you put it on you will find that it is opaque and has a matte finish.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks have a yummy smell of something sweet maybe vanilla. The colors are really nice because they are bold and really stand out. Best of all there are tons of gorgeous colors to choose from. I absolutely love the names of the colors like Motorhead, Slayer, Homegirl, Vampira (my favorite), and Poe (after Edgar Allen Poe) Cool huh?

Anyway these colors are so beautiful I need to get more. I already have the Vampira. Hmmm, maybe I will get Motorhead next.


This one is Moterhead – Buy It Here For $21 at Sephora











Kat Von D lipstick Vampira
Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick – Vampira $21 at Sephora

Looking For Samples??

If you would like to try some of the colors before you buy the full size lipstick, there is a lipstick set available on Amazon.com with smaller versions of the full size lipsticks. Colors include: Countess, Agatha, Adora, Sexer, Wonderchilde, Bachelorette, Mötorhead, Lovecraft, and Hexagram. *Warning* The set is very expensive.

*Update* – This set is temporarily unavailable on Amazon. You can buy the full size lipsticks or you can try the alternative set below.

Here is an alternative set


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Kat Von D Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette

A gorgeous, eyeshadow palette with cool shades. There are three shades that can be used as a base and nine other shades with accent colors that will create a stunning look!

Seriously, this is the most stunning eyeshadow palette I have seen. I love all of the shades and use them frequently. Every new eyeshadow palette Kat comes out with is top quality and the colors are amazing. You can wear this palette everyday. If you want a more subtle look use the mauve, cream and caramel colors. If you want to really stand out with a more dramatic look go for the deep purple, pearl blue and sparkle violet colors. Accent with the silver, charcoal and gray.

Really you can just play around with this one and get lots of great looks. Have fun!

Here are the names of the colors for this palette:

Lifelike: matte cream
Lunar Lights: pearl gray
Lucid: sparkle rose
Hybrid Moments: matte deep purple
Mezzanine: sparkle violet
Transition: pearl mauve
Glasswing: matte caramel
Melancholia: pearl silver
Black Milk: matte gray
Graphic Nature: pearl charcoal
Entombed: pearl blue
Tornay: matte navy


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Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is a lipstick that has full coverage and lasts all day, no smudges, no need to re-apply! This Kat Von D liquid lipstick has a matte finish, has vitamins and is ultra hydrating! It’s high pigment makes it look rich and it goes on smooth.

The formula is free from any parabens! 

To use: Use the applicator to draw a line around your natural lip contour and then fill it in with the beautiful color. It will last all day and all night! No kidding. I have tried this and it stays put! I like Lolita for everyday and then Vampira for special nights out.

The formula is so light you don’t even feel like your wearing any lipstick.

Kat’s favorite colors are Outlaw and then uses Backstage Bambi to enhance her bottom lip.


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Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Eye Palette

Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette
Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette – Get It At Sephora $46

The Kat Von D eye contouring palette has three color sections that include warm shades, cool shades and neutral.

Change the look of your eyes by contouring them. This eye contour palette is the first of it’s kind! Kat went all out and designed this one for the expert eye makeup user. Personally, I feel that this palette is the best one Kat has created. If you love making up your eyes with the latest trends or love doing other peoples eye makeup, you will love this eye contouring palette!

kat von d shade & light contour pic

This palette has three sets of colors to create amazing eyes! There is the cool section, the neutral section and the warm section. It is suggested that you use the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Brush when applying the contour colors to your eyes.

*You can only purchase this item if you are VIB (very important beauty) status at Sephora. To qualify for VIB, you can sign up for free but you will have to spend $350 in Sephora purchases to unlock special VIB items like this one. There are lots of other fun benefits when you qualify like VIB special events, advance access of sales, a free birthday gift and free beauty classes.

Update: Now you can purchase this palette without being a VIB member!!

photo credit: Sephora.com

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The Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette

kat von d shade & light contour
Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette – Get It Here For $46


The Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette is a six shade contouring palette that is designed to define and created dimension to your facial features.
When Kat sketches she uses shadows and light to give her sketches dimension.

She is known for her amazing portrait tattoos so she would know the angles and nuances of the face and knows a lot about light and dimension so it’s only natural for a contour palette to be created within her makeup line.

Enhance your own features with this Kat Von D Shade + Light contour palette. Now you can add contour artistry shading into your makeup routine with this Shade + Light Contour Palette.

Use the contour shades along your cheekbones and then on the sides of your nose to create a more narrow nose. The trick is to blend it in really well. Use the highlighters above your cheeks and on the forehead.

It contains three highlight shades and three contour shades that create shadows and light. You will be happy to know that these shades will not fade and this contour palette is made to work with the contour brush. *Bonus – The contour brush comes in a really cool case!!kat von d contour brush case


kat von d contour brush
Kat Von D Contour Brush – Get It At Sephora For $36

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Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette In Saint

Kat Von D True Romance eyeshadow palette
Kat Von D True Romance Eye Shadow Palette – Saint Click Here To Get It On eBay!

Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – Saint
A palette that has eight eye shadows and a waterproof eyeliner pencil. You can create the mysterious smoky eye with this True Romance Eyeshadow Palette.

This particular palette was made especially for Sephora by Kat Von D, this artistic palette has a variety of shades that are glamorous but very edgy and will add a look of mystery to your makeup. The palette’s cool stenciled compact has inspiration from a romantic place that is old world and is also a tattoo-inspired work of art.

This palette is very hard to find and I have only found a few on Amazon.

It has been discontinued and has been replaced with the Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette. The monarch palette is very similar and has more colors to choose from.  It has 12 fabulous shades!

Check out the Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette Here!

You might also want to try ebay. I found this one for $49 on an ebay auction. I can’t guarantee it is original but it’s worth a try. Kat Von D True Romance Saint Eyeshadow Palette

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